The Dead Disney Brand and the Return of Bad News Bob Iger

Jonathan Scott Griffin
13 min readDec 18, 2022
Walt Disney World Resort Entrance by Denis Adriana Macias. Wikimedia Commons.

Disney is a childhood staple for many of us. It reminds us of the magic we felt when were children. As of late, there have been valid complaints and criticisms about how the company has been run under Bob Chapek, with the raising of park prices and the cutting of benefits to guests within the parks. Bob Chapek has been a terrible CEO. He’s a Bad News Bob.

So, what’s Disney’s idea for fixing the company? Bringing back Bob Iger.

There is rejoicing in the streets from Disney fans who claim the man will usher in a new golden age for Disney. To be honest, I’m not that optimistic, and I’m befuddled over the lavish praise people heap on Iger. Though Chapek was a terrible CEO, Iger wasn’t much better. In fact, he started many of the companies problems. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the man who murdered the Disney brand. He’s another Bad News Bob.

Bob Iger’s and Traditional Animation

Chapek is often hailed as ruining Disney. And in many ways he did. He certainly made the brand worse, not better. Yet while Chapek does deserve ridicule, Iger deserves just as much blame for getting the ball of destruction rolling, destroying everything about the brand in it’s path.

The Disney company, under Iger, went on a spree…



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